Good Shepherd Missionary Baptist Church

(1959 – 2015)

Rev. Milton L. Johnson originally organized the Good Shepherd Missionary Baptist Church, 7818 Bonaire Street, on May 3, 1959.  The first official service was June 7, 1959. At that time, Rev. Johnson was under the leadership of the Greater Galilee Missionary Baptist Church, Rev. R. M. Shepherd, pastor. The initial service began with the hymns “Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross” and “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” led by Rev. C. Ellis who also prayed. Rev. C. Davis read the scriptures.

Rev. R. M. Shepherd stated the purpose of the meeting was to recognize the organization of the Good Shepherd Missionary Baptist Church. Rev. D. C. Cooper was appointed as the temporary chairperson of the service. After remarks, Rev. Cooper requested that the members of the newly organized church come forth. Sixteen members responded. He stated there was a need for a church in this vicinity. Rev. Cooper also stated that because there were no deacons as part of the Good Shepherd Missionary Baptist Church at that time, it would be necessary for Rev. Shepherd to lend two or three deacons from the Greater Galilee Missionary Baptist Church each Sunday to help carry on the service.

Rev. D. C. Cooper read a resolution and asked for a motion to be adopted. The motion was moved by Sis. S. Smith and seconded by Sis. G. Yarbrough. A copy of the proceedings of the meeting was placed on record at the Greater Galilee Missionary Baptist Church and a copy was given to the newly organized Good Shepherd Missionary Baptist Church, Rev. M. L. Johnson, pastor. It was moved by Deacon H. Nichols and seconded by Deacon H. Williams to accept the resolution and the motion was carried. Rev. Cooper left the church with wholesome and worthwhile advice and suggestions.

Rev. R. M. Shepherd encouraged Rev. M. L. Johnson to carry on this much-needed work.  Rev. J. C. Franklin, pastor of St. James Baptist Church, Rev. D. C. Cooper and Rev. M. Brown, pastor of St. John Baptist Church, were all introduced and gave encouraging remarks. Rev. D. C. Cooper led in singing “Guide Me Oh Thou Great Jehovah.” Rev. J. C. Franklin offered a fervent prayer. An invitation was extended to those who had no church home and the unsaved. Rev. Johnson said he was encouraged by how his fellow ministers came to help in the organization. There were 75 people present and the offering was $40.10.

Through the grace of God, the Good Shepherd Missionary Baptist Church gradually grew. At that time, we were in a small house for approximately two years. Through the prayers of Rev. M. L. Johnson and the members, the Spirit of God moved and showed the way to buy a larger house which was remodeled into a church house. As God added members, we kept the faith and did not forget where our help came from. In 1965, God moved through Rev. M. L. Johnson to construct another building. The pastor discussed it with the deacons and members, and with God’s blessings the work faithfully began. The pastor and some brothers labored while the sisters encouraged, showed support and served food.