Neighborhood Reach – Evangelism

Neighborhood Reach

This ministry intends to present the gospel to those who the Lord allow us to and to invite them to church, it is an opportunity for every believer of Good Shepherd to fulfill their responsibility to share the gospel.

The vision is to instruct and equip the members to the obedient pursuit of the Great Commission given by Jesus Christ to His disciples (Matthew 28: 18-20; Acts 1:8).

We practice:

·       Biblical evangelism which is God-centered vs. man-centered

·       Theology-driven vs. method-driven

·       Discipleship-orientated vs. decision-orientated

·       Time-redeeming

This involves three components of Good Shepherd:

1.    Sharing the gospel of our Lord

2.    Group Bible studies

3.    Meeting the physical needs of our community

For additional information contact:

Resident Evangelist Stephen Graves


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